About Us

Jonny Manganello, better known as JonnyCakes, loves nothing more than creating hyper realistic cakes for his online community of nearly 3 million across social media. He’s competed on Netflix’s hit show, “Is It Cake?,” and regularly serves as a judge on the Try Guys’ "Without A Recipe."

However, after years of creating wacky cakes and even wackier videos, Jonny was ready to make his way offline and into homes of the community he loves so much. And while he’d love to be the Santa Claus of baking and help each and every one of you in your kitchen, red isn’t really Jonny’s color. 

So instead, he’s created a specially designed cake kit and in-depth tutorial, which creates the perfect opportunity to dip your toe into the amazing and technical world of hyper realistic cake baking. 

With Jonny’s Cake Kits, anyone can be an expert, and a sweet reality is just a step away!